Equipment Hire

Upstage Productions can provide the following and more for hire. Requests can be placed by completing the form to the right... or by contacting our office on +61 7 3374 4498.

Arriflex SRII Super 16mm Film Camera

  • PL mount, Computach Crystal speed Controller and Intervalometer 2 – 75fps, 5 x 400ft magazines, 2 x onboard batteries, Arri FF-2 Follow Focus, 5 x 6 Mattebox, Denz Digital 2000 Colour Video Split

Arriflex 35-3 Academy 35mm Film Camera

  • PL mount, 5 – 100 fps, 3 x 400ft magazines, 3 x Cine60 batteries


  • Zeiss-Optex 12-120mm T2.4 PL mount zoom
  • Kinopic 5.7mm T1.8 Arri Std mount wide angle lens
  • Kinoptic 9.8mm T2.3 Arri Std mount wide angle lens
  • 16, 25, 50, 85, 100mm Zeiss superspeed Distagon/Planar T1.3 prime lenses
  • Angenieux 25-250mm T3.7 PL mount telephoto zoom lens
  • MC Peleng 8.1mm T3.5 PL mount fisheye lens


  • 8”x6” LCD monitor
  • Harrison film changing tent
  • 6 x 2K blondies with stands

Support Systems

  • O’Connor 2575C fluid head
  • Ronford F15 fluid head
  • Sachtler high/medium/baby legs
  • Epix dolly with 10ft Jib Arm, straight and curved tracks
  • Helicopter mount to suit Bell Jet Ranger front point of view


  • Fostex 3 channel DAT recorder with timecode
  • Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic
  • Sennheiser radio mics, transmitters and receivers
  • Deneke TS-3 Timecode slate
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Camera and Equipment Hire
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