Time Freeze

The buzz in SPFX all over the world is "TIME FREEZE", a visual effect which uses a frozen moment in time to dramatic effect. Now the first "TIME FREEZE" visual effects array is in Australasia and based at Upstage Productions in Queensland. This places Upstage at the forefront of high-end visual effects!

A variety of projects have been completed on the Upstage "TIME FREEZE" array to date, including visual effects for Inspector Gadget 2 and a television commercial for Pulp Shoes (NZ). In both of these high end productions, the clients were looking for exciting and spectacular visual effects, and that's what Upstage delivered.

How does it work?

One hundred stills cameras and two motion picture cameras are placed in a curve around a subject on a green screen.

The subject jumps or is flown through the air and the event is captured.

That is to say both the motion picture cameras, and the 100 stills cameras all fire at the same time so the person appears frozen in time in mid air. When all of these images are joined together they form a motion picture of the special effect required.

What is Time Freeze?
The effect allows you to freeze a subject in space and time.

If a person jumps in the air to kick a ball, this image will be frozen in time and the camera will move anywhere up to 360 degrees around the frozen subject.

The frozen subject will then come back to life and the images will continue.

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